Bellingham Bound, Race Time

It’s like christmas eve, minus the awkward matching PJs and a motion censored Santa Clause shakin his booty near the stairs. Cannot wait to see my favorite place again with my favorite people! It is so strange how quickly you can grow up. College is like this bubble filled with naps, different busy hours everyday, and people to see no more than a mile away (any farther than that is too far). I will be driving up with one of the most amazing people I know, the one and only Jessie BOB Purcell.

My other lovelies, Schu and Amy need posts all on their own for me to begin the rediculousness of our trifecta. I could honestly continue a list of amazing friends, but I’m actually trying to get people to read my shit…so sorry Rachel, Jamie, Sally, BO- er, well I guess that’s about it. ASIDE from the friends and Bellingham itself, Jessie and I will be running the ever so daunting 13.1 miles for the Bellingham Bay Half Marathon- Waahoo! As for training goes? I got a reality check, that being in the real world with three jobs doesn’t mean I can do my usual 2hrs at the gym everyday, I need those hours to sleep. Motivation has been lacking, but this will be my second half, and considering how much fun I had with the first, I will be expecting a whole lot of adrenaline and laughter while running next to miss Jessie.

So if you’re in Bellingham and want to crawl out of bed on a Sunday after the craziness of the first back to school weekend, come and support all of the daring people who paid way too much to run next to other people- and get a t shirt that says it. And if you can’t or find it ridiculous to watch people repeatedly cross the finish line, come join for the second race at Jalepenos where I will be fighting a brain freeze to own Jessie in a Margarita-off.

26 more hours!

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