Fly Birdie, Fly


We learn something about ourselves everyday, get kicked down, picked back up, repeat. The important thing is that we get back up. When I started this blog I knew I was preparing to expose my life to the web, including the painful and uncomfortable junk. I lost my best friend and boyfriend, pity party for one, please? I have a bad day because I don’t have him, and I end up calling him to tell him. So now, I am on an island, working two jobs, with a very pathetic excuse for a social life. And now that I’ve played my very small violin and kicked myself in the ass, it is time to grab onto all of the good things, and get back up. It’s about focus and determination this go around, because I’ve done this before. I’ve had break ups, sob fests, rebounds, blah blah, whomp whomp (for you Rachel).  This time it’s not just about getting back up, it’s about flying, soaring, and pushing myself to move on and become a better person. Maybe that’s why I love birds so much, they have the freedom to up and leave, explore, and be free without being weighted down to the earth with responsibilities and knowledge of time- tick tock tick. I told my friend Maria one morning, “I just want to be covered in birds,” she looked at me bug-eyed, “Janer, you’re just about the only person that would say that.”


So the plan from here on out? I’m gonna blog my little heart away, finish out my internship at YES! Magazine, continue to save up for backpacking, and, hold your breath- applying for grad school. Yeah, I really, really miss winter breaks. I am going back to school to become a teacher, that cool, savvy creative writing teacher that just can’t get enough of bird tattoos and saggy spandex butts.


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