Typical Pioneer Square

For those local to the greater Seattle area, you’re aware of Pioneer Square, its quirks, perks, and a whole lotta homeless folk. And if you aren’t, you have a place of equal value nearby.

It was a quick Friday trip over to the Zeitgeist coffee shop to meet with my supervisor to go over an interview I had the following Monday (today). Of course, I took a couple wrong turns, ended up in front of the mission, walked back down to the water and meandered my way over, still fashionably on time.

It was during this trek where my “covered in birds” wish went awry. A few pigeons do not bother me in the least, even a dozen are fine, but this was the ultimate hurricane of germ claws and feathers. The first one took a hard dive to my right and landed so hard it broke it’s neck near the gutter, then the rest came fluttering in the ultimate clusterfuck of Birds-gone-wild that I ever saw.

“Jesus Christ!” I screamed, waving my hands to avoid the hard beating of their wings. They were fighting for pieces of bread.

I manage to pull my head up and see the cause of the entire traumatic event. A man, in a half-way house, three floors up, laughing hysterically throwing clumps of bread at me. Per-fect. This entire scene lasted maybe 30 seconds, but it was enough for me to curse out a crack addict, watch a bird fall to its death for some grub, and leave me with stale bread in my bag. Thank-you-Pioneer Square.

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10 thoughts on “Typical Pioneer Square

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  3. […] Titled: “Typical Pioneer Square” from the blog UrbanHybrid: […]

  4. Kati Saville says:

    What i find difficult is to find a blog that can capture me for a minute but your blog is different. Bravo.

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  7. Paul Marola says:

    I found this article to be very interesting. I have already gone through and read many of your articles. They are great!

    • urbanhybrid says:

      Thank you so much! I’ve been on a hiatus for a couple of weeks, currently in transition with jobs/housing, looking forward to posting some new stories and photos soon, thanks for the read.

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