Bang a Langs


Like ’em or not, I’m rockin my five year old do. It’s gonna take a whole lotta confidence and Cameron Diaz sperm bang jokes, but I’m fully prepared to wind my way down the hipster path. Don’t be surprised if I go Nicki Minaj on your asses and go florescent pink.


2 thoughts on “Bang a Langs

  1. Jane,

    Hello. I enjoy your blog very much so. Lots of pictures and what have you. If there was one little piece of advice I could give, it would be to put breaks in your longer posts. One that comes to mind is the concert you went to and took fancy new-age pictures. I really liked them, but they clutter the main page. Maybe post 2 or 3 on the main page and have a “read more” icon that shows you the full layout. Allows people to see more posts that you’ve written and get a better feeling for you as a writter/photographer. Just an idea.

    • urbanhybrid says:

      Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it! Taking the recommendation to heart, check back in tomorrow to see the results. I’m currently enjoying a PBR tall boy in celebration of the bangs 🙂

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