5 Year Old State of Mind

Had the ultimate scanning failure today, but Photobooth pulled through…and yes, I chose to reenact the facial expressions of my baby self. Enjoy!

Me, my dad, sister, and family friend in Australia

Umm, YUP

Me and my sister noming on some Vegemite

WHAT?! You have a fever? Dr. Seuss can fix that

Gettin’ it

When we are kids, the world is nothing but obstacles to climb and objects to stick in our mouths. Maybe grown up life is similar, but it’s when we grow up that fear’s in our brains, we don’t feel safe walking alone. Emotions become deeper than laughing, crying, and pooping. My mom would always tell me, “it’s not the end of the world.” Even when we feel like we are alone or trapped, we can look back at it as that-one-time, and eventually share how it made us stronger and a better person.

I’m reverting to my five-year old state of mind, just for today, or maybe the week. I think everyone should take time to do this. I honestly don’t entirely know what this entails, but from home videos and photos, I looked like a pretty damn cool kid. When I was five I shaved half of my left eyebrow, I told my mom that my sister had done it, but really I was just curious what it looked like. Who knew I was already into hipster fashion?! There’s a video when I was about three years old, I’m on the porch of our house in Pullman, I’m wearing nothing but a saggy diaper and light up shoes. I’m just walking around near the steps talking to myself, god only knows what conversation I was having. My mother was hiding with her camera filming, she continued to film as I biffed it down the stairs, no one saw me do it so no biggie, I huffed myself back up.

I hated showering, I hated brushing my hair, I hated wearing clothes, and if I had to wear clothes, I wanted them really tight. I would wear my mom’s cowboy boots and dance in a circle to “Ice Ice Baby”. I thought Baby Jesus spent his days floating down a river in a basket. I mastered the stink eye and evil eye. I loved running barefoot. I had a head full of bangs. My sister was my best friend, my dad was a close second. I would read to my sister when she was sick, even though I couldn’t read.



Things don’t need to be complicated if we don’t want them to be.


One thought on “5 Year Old State of Mind

  1. Mom says:

    You haven’t changed a bit! Love, Mom

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