Battle of the Bands and My Mother’s Aging Site.

Me: Mom, I gotta catch the ferry.

Mom: Look what we’ll be listening to on the ride.

She pulls up a CD case. I return with a blank stare. She looks back at the case that she’s clutching, back at me, back at the case.

Mom: What the, what the fuck?

She blames Walmart for putting this CD in the same section as Eminem’s

If “speaker of the dead” doesn’t give it away, I encourage you to listen to about 20 seconds of one of their songs (they all sound the same). My mother, trying to make the best of her error, was convinced that they just might be the next big thing.

If this is your kinda get down, shake your head violently kinda music, by all means. But JESUS.

It was one of the angriest rides to the ferry I’ve encountered, add my mother shaking her tongue and fist pumping, it was all around amusing and traumatic.

Lesson learned this evening? Check the damn album cover before assuming that Walmart employees were capable to accurately categorize all artists.


One thought on “Battle of the Bands and My Mother’s Aging Site.

  1. Mom says:

    I kind of like it… putting Emmure on my ipod for angry running. 🙂

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