Not Your Everyday Farmer’s Almanac-er

Yes, yes, after a strange but nice pause in between one internship and the next, it is about that time I brace The Farmer’s Almanac with my presence. The looming question, are they ready for me? The pressure of the “First Post” is unbearable. I start, then redo, then delete, then write on paper my frustration. “Just let the juices flow, find something funny.” But the thing is, I am no longer writing for my friends, and whoever stumbles on my personal blog. I’m about to write to some die-hard gardener-cook-weather folks, who, odds are won’t 100% approve of my humor and personality, but I guess that’s also the exciting part of it. Yes, middle-aged women, I plan on turning you into my own minions of Jane Humor. Too far? Hopefully my boss isn’t reading this right now, snooping on my mastermind plan to be the youngest, most popular writer The Old Farmer’s Almanac has ever had.


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