See Jane Run

Well, it’s that time of year again. My soon to be roommate and myself will be hoofing the 13.1 miles of concrete in downtown Seattle. That means for the next two months and some change, the drinking gets cut to a bare minimum, healthy eats all around, and my runners are on, ready to go. Last half marathon I did, there was little to no training prior, which YES makes a goddamn difference. This go around I’ll be able to finish a full training program and be ready to run, run, run for champagne and chocolate at the finish line.

If there’s anyone in the greater Seattle are that is looking for a running buddy, let me know! I’m hankering for new routes, and I fucking hate treadmills. I literally have to chew gum, listen to music, and watch a TV to keep me from going insane. Plus, the weather is starting to look up, and I’m never opposed to a destination run to find a happy hour.

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