Smash Bang Fusion

It’s on to the next chapter, living near Green Lake with four other people and a St. Bernard named Walker. I’ll be working at the Bainbridge Athletic Club and The Four Seasons Spa, and checking off to-dos for my Masters in Teaching. AND, I’ll be blogging again! But first, a glimpse of my gray Keds, my face smooshed on a public window, Schu’s birthday, Karl’s dance legs, eggs benny, PBR in alley ways, a lil bit of dress up, etc. Click to enlarge.







2 thoughts on “Smash Bang Fusion

  1. Hi Jane, cool site.

    Just want to share the fun circle of life experience I just had. I am a writer (freelance, novels), living in New England. I recently had a hankering for a granola I made years ago, and remembered it had flax seed in it. So I Googled, and up comes your yummy recipe. Thank you for that. My husband, kids, and I all hike, so granola is a good choice for us.

    When I looked at your bio at the end of the recipe, I saw you live in Seattle, and matriculated from WWU. My son is entering junior year at Huxley. So besides creative writing, blogging, hiking, and granola, we seem to have WWU (and a love for the Northwest) in common.

    Oh yea, I’m a coffee freak too. Off to French Press my way through chapter 18 of my Gracie’s Garden


    • urbanhybrid says:

      Hi Sally!

      Thanks so much for the feedback, and what a small world. I’ve been way too distracted with getting by in a big city that my blogging has been put on hiatus. But I appreciate the read, and will be getting back into the groove of things shortly. I literally have a french press on my bedside table at all times, and as for WWU…best place to go to school ever. New posts to come, and thanks again for finding me!

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