Well, I’ve been working.

That has been my one liner to anyone who asks me what I’ve been up to. Really? That’s all I got?! Well no, but there are a handful of things to blame for this. For starters, yes, I have been working. One of the jobs I have I have to sign a contract not to display the ins and outs of the joint, so that’s a dead end. And the other I swipe gym cards and smile at people as they sign up for tennis lessons.

The thing is that not every story needs to be ground shaking.

I also blame my computer, this little mac-that-could has been stuffed like a honey badger with mixtapes and photos, I get the spinning wheel of death about every 10 minutes, Yea yea…It’s backed up, I’m just lazy about deleting. When my best friend left for Italy to meet a German man named Bernard and go buck wild (ok, ok she went to play water polo, but the other part is true too), when we did talk she told of these daft punk concert worthy stories, as I sat in my dinning room sized now bedroom thinking about how I could make swiping Mr. Geisert’s tennis pass into a skype around the world worthy story.

So in lieu of blogging again, and not having anyone that still reads this go into shock by me just jumping into a family vacation story, I’m going to do what I do best, a mini catch up list of the urbanhybrid life.

  • My mother, Paige, is now Pudge. Spread that one around
  • I saved a girl’s number who I very rarely talk with nowadays as my best friend’s. She’s very laid back and knows I can send bizarre texts, hence why for two weeks as I sent inappropriate updates on my life
  • Pudge had the fire department called on us after she burned the bacon while on family vacation
  • While waiting for the bus two days ago a man in his soiled boxers literally crawled around my feet looking for cigarette butts
  • Still revving up for grad school, now on the fence, to teach elementary or high school?
  • Ran a half marathon with my main woman Silent Bob, aka Jessie, the clock said 1:45:00, and we’re going with that

  • Also ran in the Warrior Dash. Somehow dressing like a man for this sweat-beer-mud fest seemed like the best costume ever, hence Bud Light suspenders, cut-off flannel, wool socks, and a mustache. One woman’s quote “I literally couldn’t tell if you guys were a man or a woman from behind, nice work!”

  • I read “Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me” and laughed the entire time, READ IT

Chelsea Handler

  • Still single and kicking, been on a handful of dates, but I’ll share those later
  • Still in love with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and they’re killin it with music videos watch these:

This is their latest:


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