Best Quote I’ve Ever Heard

This will be quick. I was in Fremont for the evening, dancing my little heart out to dubstep for the majority of the night.

It was that moment before the dancing got heated, you know, where everyone is pounding beers/shots/joose/tilt. The small dance circles amongst friends form, giggling, then more drinking. Room mate “Nicky D” is itching more than ever to show off his moves. First of all, his new signature move is the car dealership guy. Okay, it’s definitely not called that…but we all know those large string bean figures near the lots that have air blasting through them so they flail in the air- that was the move.

He looks at us, looks back at the dance floor where there’s one woman dancing and says, “THAT LADY LOOKS PREGNANT, I’M ABOUT TO MAKE HER DOUBLE PREGNANT.”



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