The few guidelines to karaoke.

This is my favorite song to sing during the terrible/beautiful train wreck of karaoke.

And then my roommate who sings exponentially better than me, kicks things up a notch with this little number.


The one advice I have when picking a song to sing, find a SHORT one. As in preferably less than 4 minutes. But you say, Jane..Bob Seger’s Night Moves is longer than that! This is the one exception for me because I will sing this song with no cue and given a cordless mic will work the crowd, dropping down to one knee and serenading, the works- this is my comfort zone song.

Also, find one that the crowd can shout along with at the right moments, not every moment though. You need your moments to shine, then..enter chorus here..everyone participates because they either a.) feel obligated to b.) are cringing to your off-pitch and want to mask it with a lot of yelling or, let’s hope for c.) are so excited and pumped up with the song selection and decent singing that they remember why they “accidentally” walked into a karaoke bar.

Worst song I chose to sing was while living in Germany at an Irish pub. The group of drunk American girls that I was a part of decided to pick a classic American knee slapping song. Hence forth Don McLean’s “American Pie” droned on for EIGHT MINUTES AND FORTY-ONE SECONDS. That’s enough time to sober up and see all the german faces looking at you so honestly with an expression best put as “du bist Scheiße”

And if you have the guts and vocal capacity to rock this one, call me and I will be front row, crying, screaming, and playing air piano.


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