Every girl has it, it’s no secret to men- THE LIST.

And no, to be eligible for that special someone, you do not need a check mark in all of the boxes, this aint no doctor’s office. But as we get older and are no longer playing flip cup at house parties, we realize that there are qualities that cannot be ignored. One I have learned of for myself, man-boy must have confidence. Because woof, I have been through the ringer and back with one lacking.

If you have a mustache that totally helps too, or have the wit of Mr. Baldwin…just saying.


Men, if you tell a girl you want them, then do it, don’t start over thinking about what’s to come a year from now..that’s what we’re supposed to do…right? If you doubt yourself, we cannot pick up the slack like a substitute mother. And if you do not have confidence in the person you’re with or trying to be with, the excitement and possibility is completely lost.

Ranting will get me nowhere but slight, temporary relief, and a “suck it Trebek” feeling. So that’s all I’ve got in the hat, it’s now as we called it when trying to pick up the mood at the party, a “rally sally rally” moment, let the games begin.


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