What goes on near your H2O cooler?

It’s a new experience, working with a mostly female staff. The conversation, for starters.

I caught myself immersed in a conversation about using coffee as a hair dye and to add a shabby chic color to duvet comforters. A man checking out of the gym made a comment about the differences between what we were yakking about and what he and his male counterparts chit chat about at his work. My response? As I exchanged his car keys for a locker key I said only what came natural, “just wait, you’ll be dipping your goatee in your coffee and recommending it to your coworkers as the next big thing.”

At the other job, I was sitting at the desk when one woman who I work with, and have become relatively work-close with came up to me and said “I wish my husband would let me play with little men.” Needless to say I swiveled towards her with 100% attention on where this was going.

“I think they’re so cute!” she continues, referring to height deficient people (that’s ok to say, right?), “I just want to pay one to let me pick him up, shake him, set him on the ground and spank his butt and yell ‘go little man, go!'”

I’m sure I added a few questions, comments, etc., but I mostly laughed to tears as her desire to shake a “little man” unraveled with absolute sincerity.

Looking forward to more intelligent conversations with my coworkers.


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