Hiding in the Dryer Take 2

Well, I did it…and recorded it for proof. This go around the dryer was much smaller, and I had to wait for literally (anne perkins), AN HOUR, but it was a smashing success. Let me first explain that this was a payback to my mother a long time coming.

And yes, I waited for an hour like this.

About four years ago Pudge (mom) was going through all her old makeup and purging of eye shadow she no longer used. And like any other loving mother, thought to make the best of her cleanse to smear the black, blue, and gray shades across her face. My sister was in on the joke, as I sat at the computer near the base of the stairs, she shoved a suitcase down the flight of stairs as my mother waited at the base. Pudge started screaming, and stumbled around the corner covering her face, as she slowly lowered her hands and with a quick glance it looked like she was the victim of a half ass curb stomping. She started laughing and yelling “it’s a joke, it’s a joke!” but I was already bawling. So, came my moment to seek revenge, since I had been discussing a prank of me hiding in the dryer previously when I was in college and it was such a success, I decided to go for round two.

And then my moment came. I wish it was a better video, but take what you can get when both legs are asleep and can barely breathe with a Goodwill mask on.

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2 thoughts on “Hiding in the Dryer Take 2

  1. Shawn Anzaldo says:

    Oh my god Jane. That made me pee my pants a little.

  2. racheldangerw says:

    that is awesome

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