The Power Walk Off / Hot Mess

What do you do during practice? People will ask. And it all varies for fall ball, from lunges, squats, burpees, TRX improv, mini crossfit sessions, to basketball, flag football, and soccer. I take a little bit of my workouts and exercises I have learned from my roommate Jessie, friends, and multiple youtube exercise videos. I always do the workouts myself, to know if they’re even possible, then head to practice with coffee in hand to brace myself for one of the most quirkiest, bonded, and energetic group of girls I have ever coached.

Over the past month or so with fall ball we’ve been joined on the track with a man who looks like he’s training for a professional power walking competition. So when we only had the track and a small amount of turf to do our conditioning, I decided to present them with the ultimate challenge: a POWER WALK OFF.

I wish I could have played this song while they were power walking, maybe next time…you’re absolutely nuts if you keep at a power walk while Twista rhymes.

The rules:

1. ABSOLUTELY no jogging, running, or skipping

2. no throwing bows

That was it.

And then came the finish line, the winner is still yet to be determined.

For those who know Tami, please listen to her laughing so hard she snorts in the beginning, heh heh.

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2 thoughts on “The Power Walk Off / Hot Mess

  1. Grandma Jane says:

    JaneO – I loved those power-walking girls!!! Your laughing in accompaniment was just delicious, the best Thanksgiving over-indulgence antidote I can imagine. Thank you!

  2. Sarah Shea says:

    This made me extremely nostalgic… I hope I can join in when I’m home 🙂

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