Chariot Gypsy Brings all the Boys to the Yard

No, no this is entirely false and so was me thinking Kelis’ “Milkshake” phenomenon would be a close candidate to the Whistle and Thizzle song. Saturday evening began like any other with “I’m hungry, have you eaten?” and ended with us wining and dining to a candlelit violin playing Italian feast near Green Lake at Ristorante Doria.

A four course meal, plus a bottle of wine and after drinks of Limoncello, sent Jessie back into memories of living in Italy—and alas her post chickychicky parmparm glow sent our waiter to handwrite his cellular digits and his full name for Facebook hunting/creeping, nice onee.


What was on the menu for us this evening you may ask? Here you go.

Wine selection, Chianti Classico DOCG Castellare

Course uno

Bruschetta (Fresh tomato concassé, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, oregano)

Course due

Insalata di Spinaci (Fresh spinach, warm goat cheese, apple, pancetta, sunflower seeds with Italian dressing)

Course tre

Me: Pennette Primavera(Penne pasta tossed in extra virgin olive oil, garlic, fress tomatoes, seasnal vegetables and goat cheese)

Drew: Linguini alle Vongole (Linguine and clams sautéed in extra virgin olive oil, garlic, parsley and red pepper)

Jessie: Pollo alla Parmigiana (Breaded chicken breast layered with mozzarella, prosciutto, parmigiano in a fresh tomato sauce)

Top this all off with a tiramisu to split and Limoncellos, DONEZO

Ristorante Doria served us right, and we have every intention of becoming the meatball regulars, fist bumping our way down the happy hour menu. We rolled ourselves back home where of course the most logical thing to do was to have a youtube best-music-video-off and sip my new Trader Joe vino favorite, Chariot Gypsy. Fresh out of the gates, Jessie starts things off with J-Kwon’s one hit wonder- Tipsy. I made a quick fire back with Lil John’s- Get Low, and Drew capped it off with Jim Jones’- Ballin.

See below for our documented music choices..


After hitting a dirty song block with Milkshake our roommate Ben came in to top everything off with one of the most ridiculous videos I have ever seen:

Needless to say, the game ended on a solid note. And to break things up I added this to the list:


Back to the daily grind in Green Lake with the finest meatballs there are

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