Music Hiatus

I’ve got to admit, I’m rusty these days. A new apartment, full time job, and yes…the SUN in the northwest has driven me away from scouring the web for new music that came out within the hour. Scamming off the neighbor’s internet and having it work only 50% of the time hasn’t helped either. But here’s what I have been listening to most lately, Macklemore and RL came out with a great song and music video a couple of weeks ago that went viral, recapping their road to underground hiphop fame, not so much underground though eh? BA$$Y Remix made a decent spin from Bon Iver’s Holocene, and Brazilian Girls “Good Time” has been helping me get out of bed every morning (props Mr. Farwell on this gem)

What to look forward to: more photos, my new kitten, drunken adventures, sober adventures, music, the usual

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