Thank you

Here’s to you Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. I’ve blogged and bragged about you for years. From when I bought your CD for $5 in ’05, when you silly stringed the Wild Buff in B’ham, and when yes, Mr. Haggerty, you jumped into the crowd and knocked me out, but I’ll blame my PBR tallboy. You give the crowd something to believe in, you bring fans to your shows who throw their Nikes in a fist pump rage and remember what it’s like being one not for a mosh pit, but for a cause. Your words mean something to everyone. We Seattle people watch you fly the coop and cross our fingers you won’t pull a Sonic, but better yet, take over the world and use us as a base camp. For success, failure, love, and support, we will always be there. Thank you guys for making songs with humor, seriousness, and of course amazing cuts. Forever, Sharkface gang.


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