Frankenstorm Vacay

Post 3 months, I have nabbed a new look much thanks to Miss Jessie Purcell and her blog. Now with time on my hands and a storm a brewin’ I’ve got a local Natty Bo in hand and some time to refocus on my baby blog. The man friend Drew is full speed ahead with Manoa Chocolate, so plenty of dark chocolate to compliment a good (or bad) wine, very proud of his hard work and can’t wait to see what the young startup does next! Officially the big 2-4, and have never felt more loved from family, friends, and co-workers. Clearly those I work with know my appreciation for a PBR tall boy and cat humor…I walked into my office to find balloons attached to a 6-pack, a fat cat mug, birthday cards, and reeces peanut butter cups. Not to mention they researched my favorite cake (Carrot!) for a little candle blowout action. PlLUS my grandparents came up to celebrate, we ate Indian food on the ground, and had plenty of good friends around the whole day. Below is a photo my mother added for the big day…I haven’t changed much.

Now, we (myself and drew) have a week away from the NW, have already visited Pat, Willie, and Annie, with the unusual suspects, Maria and Karl. All who made the one night in NYC completely worth while and sleep deprived.

After slow dancing and frog stomping to live music we hailed an escalade that managed to fit all of us. Pat, with his gifted vocals began to sing about threatening to poop on Annie’s side of the bed, not Willie’s. In all good fun, I joined in, and I must compliment our duo of threats involving making sure willie’s side stayed clean and annie’s side was defecated. The driver that clearly wasn’t having any of this turned the radio up as loud as he could…did that stop us? Hell no, it simply helped raise the bar on our chorus, plus Willie discovered a maraca in between bars and kept the beats fresh.

Breakfast the morning after was a tightrope walk between do we order a mimosa and keep going or face the consequences that are full steam ahead. We opted for coffee and nothing more…all settled for omelets aside from Willie who got a fucking broccoli frittata. And I quote “I always make the worst breakfast decisions.” I swear he simply got that frittata to prove his point yet again.

We are back in Washington DC, have movies downloaded, beer in the fridge, and pumpkins to carve. Bring it on Frankenstorm…we’re ready for this vacation.


One thought on “Frankenstorm Vacay

  1. Jane Purinton says:

    What total fun! Even the impending, scary weather.I can’t imagine anyone better able to deal with the inconvenience of a major storm than you and Drew; you’re Bainbridge Island kids! Love, G. Jane

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