The Sexiest Pool House that ever lived



There’s no way I can fast forward through this crazy month, attempting to stuff all the goodies and experiences into one post.

…so consider this the tip of the iceberg in my divulging to the internet about my new life in the middle of nowhere – Kailua, HI.

I figured it only appropriate to start off with our new “home” that we are slowly but surely crafting into a not so shabby pad. It’s tiny, don’t get me wrong (!) But it’s all part of the growing up attempt: Step 1. get out of the parent’s place Step 2. move away from home and what’s comfortable, and naturally…Step 3. find a tiny hut next to a pool with a landlord who dances when he cooks that we can see from our front porch.

We have photos pinned up on yarn. We have a little garden to match the house, currently growing 3 avocado trees, strawberries, 3 different types of tomatoes, basil, mint, Lemon Verbena, and Hawaiian chili pepper. We are collecting our wine corks, adding dates and anything significant with a sharpie. I found a gold deer statue covered in fake diamonds at the Goodwill and presented it to Drew like Agnes with her fluffy unicorn (If you don’t get this reference, shame on you, but have so graciously added a link below so you can fully understand…YOU’RE WELCOME)


A big part of the baby home is the music, and despite being far away from the Seattle scene where all the cool kids play bizarre remixes and on any given night you can probably find a decent show to drop in on, I still make sure to hunt down decent tunes so I can ensure I do my Jammy pack justice. Here’s a few tunes that have been on recently..

So cheers to a fresh start in a beautiful place with my best friend. So excited to crack open this blog and dust off the webs. More to come on my substitute teaching license, hiking adventures, street dance parties, and awkwardly quoting John C Reilly during inappropriate times.


One thought on “The Sexiest Pool House that ever lived

  1. Erin Erickson says:

    Dear Jane, Your blog was really cute – but the Lifeguard ad at the end has just changed my life.!! Can’t wait for you to introduce me to him in HI.
    Love, Erin

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