I guess the first thing to explain is the name of my blog. While studying abroad in Germany, I found a friend who shared the same interests of ODB and It’s Always Sunny. After running around in Amsterdam one weekend with this character he began to call me Urbanhybrid- for NO particular reason. I have plenty other nicknames: John, Shawn Johnson, Jooseman, Frank, Janeo, and Janer (hate this one). I guess I naturally chose the more suave name from the bunch? Of course, UH is branded somewhere in the UK, so there’s an excellent chance the name will be changed- but for now, I’m gonna try and make it my own.

I am 22 years old. This blog is purposed for me to put my B.A. in Creative Writing to use, and to share my learning process with photography. I was lucky enough to grow up thinking I could do anything in this world, and now that I actually have to choose- there are just too many options and interests.

I know ONE thing: I want to make a difference in someone’s life.

Things I am obsessed with (the true way to get to know me): Tattoos, reading, flea markets, spinach and tofu scramble, writing about my childhood both the ugly and the honest, elephants, nonprofit organizations, coffee (americanos to be specific), mussels with peanut sauce (um, a new find), cooking, PBR, Macklemore, Wu Tang, local shows, interior design, running, photography.

The mission is simple: To be different, amusing, honest, and curious.


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