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Closing the book, but there’s a new one!

Yep, it’s that time…Urbanhybrid, you’ve been good to me, but it’s time for something new. Thank you for letting me post all the random videos, photos, and stories. Hopefully your spawn will do us both justice, until next time!


you can’t make this up

Even if I tried I couldn’t make up this brilliant technology adventure from Monday evening…

Preface to the detective work: We’ve all had our phones misplaced, lost, or worse…stolen. And yes, my phone track record is nothing I’m proud of, but with these new fancy iPhones I have taken the liberty of caring for mine like a fresh little baby; making sure it’s charged properly, cleaned, updated when needed, has cute cases to show off, etc. And being here in Hawaii, my phone has been an incredibly resourceful tool for directions, finding new spots for food, and staying in touch with friends and family. But really, most importantly ,it has helped me with directions to places I don’t think I could have found with out Suri’s obnoxious voice forewarning me when to merge and turn.

Atmosphere and SOJA performed at the Kaka’ako Waterfront Amphitheater Saturday night, an almost Gorge like place by the water, with a big hill that drops down to the main stage. We arrived on time to sit and enjoy Atmosphere on the hill, avoiding the pit of hormonal raging 16 year olds, while still maintaining an impressive view of Slug. But what happens when you are at a 4 hour-long concert and have had a few beers? Alas, a restroom break is needed, and who really wants to stand in the port-a-potty lines? Nope, not myself or Drew, so naturally to the bushes we went. In the slew of leaving our friends for a slight period of time, then returning to head closer to the main stage for SOJA my phone went MIA. And no, it didn’t fall out of my pocket or purse. Oh and did I mention that both my phone AND Drew’s phone were gone? Yup, hence the heightened sense of “what the hell?” kicked in while still doing the side to side hand wave as SOJA and company were in their own world on stage enjoying a drum circle. ( I should mention here that Atmosphere was amazing, and worth the money and this phone hassle)

Fast forward to the next day, we are both puzzled by how both of our phones were gone. But with trendy “Find my Phone” technology, we hoped on our computers to attempt to hunt them down. My iPhone dot was nowhere to be found, a lost cause, but Drew’s on the other hand had a little green dot moving back…and forward…back..and forward. The app even tells you how much battery is left and you can blast a sonar wave to find it when you’re close enough. In a bleak attempt I still locked my phone and checked the box saying “alert me when my phone is online” aka, trackable, and off Drew went to find his phone. Where does the green dot take him? None other than a hobo village of tents. After about 3 circles around the block in our rented blue Honda, he pulls over to a man with no shirt and a clipboard. “You wouldn’t happen to have a phone would you?” He asks to the business style homeless man, and after needing a description, he pulls out Drew’s phone from his back pocket, with his battery charged case to boot. All it took was 20 bucks and a poke bowl to earn his phone back. This is the first of the iPhone wins within 48 hours.

Now, came my shot. Like I said, there was nothing of even a sign to where my iPhone could be…that was at least for the first day. Monday evening rolls around, and after grocery shopping Drew and I unload all the goodies and I start to play music on my computer when I notice 9 different emails titled “iPhone found” and “iPhone has moved”. Insert whatever wide-eyed, mouth open, eyebrow craze of a look you know of mine here. I click on the map and there’s my little green dot, running all over downtown Honolulu…some asshole has my phone. Here are the assumptions: some homeless guy has it, someone tied it to a cat as a joke ( I was really hoping for this ), or someone took it and is trying to sell/use it for their personal use. With it being 11pm, it probably wasn’t the best idea to venture out and hunt down a green dot without knowing the new host…but the battery life read 18% and after that, it would again be offline and gone fooooooreeeeevvverrrr.

We got back into our rented blue Honda and away we went on our mission.

The dot took us to a dead-end of houses, where most of them were still up, and even for a Monday partying on the porches. We went up to the first group who were friendly, but without phone, who then pointed us to another house next to them. The front door was flooded with shoes and there were cockroaches crawling up the banister and along the beams. The door took 11 or so locks to unbolt to talk to us, and despite all this effort still no phone. But when the green dot is literally 3 feet away from you, supposedly, how can one give up? Another group of guys that were a few houses down kept checking in to see if we found it, they even turned their music down so we could try to hear the sonar beep. After 15 minutes of scavenging the sound finally happened, it was faint, but it was the sound of victory we were looking for. We followed it into an old garage, and continued to follow it to a fold-down car seat where someone had wedged it underneath the seatbelt. Yet there it was! Clean and waiting for me, only missing my seattle gel case. I was in shock that this was an actual success, not just once, but twice. Clearly one of the parties we spoke to had the phone and shoved it in a place that we could eventually find it if persistent enough. And whoever had my phone, literally gave it a deep clean…no more sand in the cracks, nothing. So cheers to regaining faith in technology and avoiding a 300+ money pit! Now go download the Find my iPhone app now.

The Sexiest Pool House that ever lived



There’s no way I can fast forward through this crazy month, attempting to stuff all the goodies and experiences into one post.

…so consider this the tip of the iceberg in my divulging to the internet about my new life in the middle of nowhere – Kailua, HI.

I figured it only appropriate to start off with our new “home” that we are slowly but surely crafting into a not so shabby pad. It’s tiny, don’t get me wrong (!) But it’s all part of the growing up attempt: Step 1. get out of the parent’s place Step 2. move away from home and what’s comfortable, and naturally…Step 3. find a tiny hut next to a pool with a landlord who dances when he cooks that we can see from our front porch.

We have photos pinned up on yarn. We have a little garden to match the house, currently growing 3 avocado trees, strawberries, 3 different types of tomatoes, basil, mint, Lemon Verbena, and Hawaiian chili pepper. We are collecting our wine corks, adding dates and anything significant with a sharpie. I found a gold deer statue covered in fake diamonds at the Goodwill and presented it to Drew like Agnes with her fluffy unicorn (If you don’t get this reference, shame on you, but have so graciously added a link below so you can fully understand…YOU’RE WELCOME)


A big part of the baby home is the music, and despite being far away from the Seattle scene where all the cool kids play bizarre remixes and on any given night you can probably find a decent show to drop in on, I still make sure to hunt down decent tunes so I can ensure I do my Jammy pack justice. Here’s a few tunes that have been on recently..

So cheers to a fresh start in a beautiful place with my best friend. So excited to crack open this blog and dust off the webs. More to come on my substitute teaching license, hiking adventures, street dance parties, and awkwardly quoting John C Reilly during inappropriate times.

Frankenstorm Vacay

Post 3 months, I have nabbed a new look much thanks to Miss Jessie Purcell and her blog. Now with time on my hands and a storm a brewin’ I’ve got a local Natty Bo in hand and some time to refocus on my baby blog. The man friend Drew is full speed ahead with Manoa Chocolate, so plenty of dark chocolate to compliment a good (or bad) wine, very proud of his hard work and can’t wait to see what the young startup does next! Officially the big 2-4, and have never felt more loved from family, friends, and co-workers. Clearly those I work with know my appreciation for a PBR tall boy and cat humor…I walked into my office to find balloons attached to a 6-pack, a fat cat mug, birthday cards, and reeces peanut butter cups. Not to mention they researched my favorite cake (Carrot!) for a little candle blowout action. PlLUS my grandparents came up to celebrate, we ate Indian food on the ground, and had plenty of good friends around the whole day. Below is a photo my mother added for the big day…I haven’t changed much.

Now, we (myself and drew) have a week away from the NW, have already visited Pat, Willie, and Annie, with the unusual suspects, Maria and Karl. All who made the one night in NYC completely worth while and sleep deprived.

After slow dancing and frog stomping to live music we hailed an escalade that managed to fit all of us. Pat, with his gifted vocals began to sing about threatening to poop on Annie’s side of the bed, not Willie’s. In all good fun, I joined in, and I must compliment our duo of threats involving making sure willie’s side stayed clean and annie’s side was defecated. The driver that clearly wasn’t having any of this turned the radio up as loud as he could…did that stop us? Hell no, it simply helped raise the bar on our chorus, plus Willie discovered a maraca in between bars and kept the beats fresh.

Breakfast the morning after was a tightrope walk between do we order a mimosa and keep going or face the consequences that are full steam ahead. We opted for coffee and nothing more…all settled for omelets aside from Willie who got a fucking broccoli frittata. And I quote “I always make the worst breakfast decisions.” I swear he simply got that frittata to prove his point yet again.

We are back in Washington DC, have movies downloaded, beer in the fridge, and pumpkins to carve. Bring it on Frankenstorm…we’re ready for this vacation.

Sunday Night – No Avicii here…

Man I tried tonight, but dub step and glitter just wasn’t on the menu tonight. Instead a beer and a few songs I’ve picked up over the week. Come next Saturday though, when we storm Seattle with a newly 21 year old Paige in pocket up to Capitol Hill- prefunking music won’t even describe what it’s going to take me to survive the night. Until then…

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