Titled “Truth” by Alexander from Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros.

Pure Art.


Addicted to this song, thank you Maria for showing me!

They do it again.

Where can you download Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ latest hit? HERE:

My Oh My


Jackson 5 Z Trip Remix

Watch this:



Above = my all time favorite, these guys can rock it.


Check out the song above, headphones on.


Always on the hunt for new music. And while searching for inspiration on the web, I found this website with CRAZY easy downloads, and such original music. I’ve only dabbled in the hip hip and reggae, but so far I am impressed. Need new music and want it easy? Check this site out while checking out a few artists right below.

Get yer copy n’ paste on

Cary Ann and Michael Trent: Beautiful Duo





Free Download King Charles


3 thoughts on “Listen

  1. Mariza says:

    So, what am I supposed to do?

  2. Bridget says:

    Love your site! I found it quite by accident, but the music is excellent! Thank you!

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