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The Art of Letting Go

This weekend was a whirlwind of excitement, failure, and a firm kick in the ass of “grow the fuck up, kid”. Currently, I work four jobs, but it’s not as bad as it sounds, everything has its own time slot during the week and keeps me busy. As we all do from time to time, I went onto Craigslist to take a gander at the pet listings in the Seattle area, and low and behold there she was. This little 8 week old border collie Rottweiler fell into my lap before 9am that morning. I made arrangements to drive out to Port Orchard to pick the little bugger up, the owner opted to meet at a McDonald’s parking lot. I didn’t question, and drove out to meet the new member of my family of one.

Of course in the midst of all this my parents are scolding me, warning me, even threatening me, all just to not get this pup. I think back when my mom was my age, where she was preparing to get married, and in a short couple years produce me. Sooo, a puppy was the worst I could do?

I pick Louisa up, she is so sleepy, and hardly flinches when I take her from the Suburban packed with five kids in the back (five!) that is wafting of cigarette smoke. “She has a few flees,” the wife tells me, but I am too smitten to care about a few flees, “Alright!” And I hand her the whopping 35 dollars. I sit back in my truck and hold my new tiny creature, so proud to have her as my own. We begin to drive away from the parking lot when I spot the first flea, then the next, then the next. She was being devoured by them. My boyfriend and I treated her as best we could for the fleas, but I wanted so badly to have my parents approval. Yes, I don’t live under their roof, but they still help pay for my bills, health insurance, and at the end of the day- they’re my parents. But instead, each time I tried to come home, and show my mother the little puppy face, she had a “play date” with one of her friends. They would comment on my short hair and my mom would follow-up with a fake smile and eyes wide and eyebrows high, “It’s cute, isn’t it?” (if you can’t picture this, just do it on your own, you’ll get the idea)

I find the pile of bills they had been helping me pay off, neatly in a stack on the entry way table. Because I had a new pup, I was now responsible for everything. The tidal wave of money issues and having too much on my plate hit me and I knew that I couldn’t take proper care of my beautiful little flea bag while also paying off credit cards that I shouldn’t have had in the first place. So I had my Sunday sob episode, and found a better home, free from smoking, fleas, and a young twenty almost two-year old who is on work overload. Now I’m off to pay my bills, find a place in Seattle that is pet friendly for when the time is right, and when that time comes, raise my eyebrows and smile at my mother, “I did it, proud?”

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