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You SNEAKY mom!

Only a week old and already 20 million hits. You’ll see why!

And then they got on the show, heh heh.

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No Monster Mash For You

This Saturday was spent driving back and forth on WA167 in search of a pumpkin patch-corn maze frolicking-cider drinking-and hay ride fun. I attempted to play Monster Mash while tromping through the maze and was immediately reprimanded for playing it, and then placing the phone near my mouth to turn it into a mini dubstep (is there anyone else that does this..? It’s a revelation)

After accidentally taking i90 (my fault) and then ending up at some sort of outdoor grocery store that in fact, did NOT have candy corn, huge let down (also my fault), we arrived to the field of pumpkins where mostly families were picking out the perfect pumpkin for their front porch. Jessie and I booked it straight to the UW vs WSU corn maze.

I dub this photo “Lord of the Flies, Sucks to your Ass-mar”

Lesson learned- Corn mazes are damn hard…like getting dizzy, lots o corn hard. Jessie led the way, and if you find yourself in a corn maze during this fabulous time of year, and are the follower, not the leader…whisper directions left or right at each turn.

It took about thirty minutes for us to accidentally find ourselves back at the start, where we threw in the towel and went off to find our pumpkins.

Behold Spike and Spud, the new pumpkins for the porch

For anyone who has ever tried to take a photo, with their phone, while stuffing their head in a pumpkin face- you feel my pain, yes?

And so it was marked, the first of October, to be a month full of cider (only the good stuff), pumpkins, BBQs in down jackets, Halloween decorations, avoiding the Monster Mash per Jessie’s request (i’m still going to play it), and yes…room mate pranks. This is my passive aggressive way of warning them since only two out of four of them have facebook and realistically thinking, only one probably reads this.

If you can fit into your washer and or dryer, I highly recommend this prank. I did this my senior year of college while living with seven girls. It was a miraculous tetris fit, and I waited in the dark, with the dirty clothes, until someone came to open it up. It was probably one of the best pranks I’ve done, and since I can’t fit and refuse to try to fit in our old ass dryer in the Green Lake house…it’s time to get creative.

iPhone turned Gopro, lesssgooo.

Also, please look at this adorable kid..the end.

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