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Music Hiatus

I’ve got to admit, I’m rusty these days. A new apartment, full time job, and yes…the SUN in the northwest has driven me away from scouring the web for new music that came out within the hour. Scamming off the neighbor’s internet and having it work only 50% of the time hasn’t helped either. But here’s what I have been listening to most lately, Macklemore and RL came out with a great song and music video a couple of weeks ago that went viral, recapping their road to underground hiphop fame, not so much underground though eh? BA$$Y Remix made a decent spin from Bon Iver’s Holocene, and Brazilian Girls “Good Time” has been helping me get out of bed every morning (props Mr. Farwell on this gem)

What to look forward to: more photos, my new kitten, drunken adventures, sober adventures, music, the usual

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Champagne Diet Playlist

All songs chosen specially for that champagne in hand moment for the beginning of a beautiful night. Next time you have a grown up gathering, don’t panic, play this and pour it to the top.

An underrated but much appreciated hiphop group.

Yes, this one (below) is already over played but it’s part of the champagne shakin’ mix, so deal.

In honor of the glitter Prince party.

Some bootleg lovin’

And then slowly coming back down from techno-land

Now here is where you start the serious dancing, and as always…Macklemore you take it from here. Yes, I already posted this song, deal.

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Sneak this before it comes out

Macklemore x Ryan Lewis is coming out with a new music video tomorrow, but here’s the youtube from KEXP. It’s definitely different than what we’re used to hearing from the duo. The beat is faster, but the lyrics are, as always, mesmerizing- and gotta love Owour Arunga on the trumpet. Support Seattle music and watch the video when it comes out!

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Midnight City, dance on…dance on..

Not able to go wrong with this song, party, driving, running, a slow side to side dance that has the option to arm flail at the chorus, other things.

Download here:


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Whoooooo’s Hunnngrray?

With high school “car wars” and 40s in the attic in the past, my hat goes of to Jack Walsh currently pursuing a life long passion in the music industry.

Last time I saw him was over Christmas, he was drunkenly leaving a message for a friend waving his phone to everyone saying, “hey hey, yell ‘whoooo’s hunggrrrrrraay?’ it’ll be hilarious” Some caved and did it (me) others told him to fuck off— he has a way of making some of the most ridiculous things catchy (prime example for those who know him personally: Lush Kadush). He has now put his catchy personality and musical talents to use and has created popular music that friends, family, fans, and randoms all over the country have discovered to love. He’s a driven fucker that if he keeps it up, will be the next Northwest “thing,” that is…if he ever leaves his beloved San Francisco.

I’m a sucker for a blog both rich in content and well…that looks damn pretty. Check out his, no disappointments I promise. Jack the Ripper

And if your hate for the “Friday” song is strong, counteract it with Jack & Cash’s “Friday Night” The REAL Friday anthem. There’s a hint of Mike Posner before he became a radio hit in this song, play it loud tonight while getting ready for the bars, doooo it. Best of luck Walsh!

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