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Lists on lists on lists

The lister: One who makes lists at the attempt to be productive / feel good.

Personally I put big ass boxes by my “to dos” and give myself little rewards and add things like: Treat yo self to an iced coffee, because you’re awesome. Or, Online shop for that workout top you probably can’t afford. Check and check, two things already taken care of, accomplishments in small feats.

After 3 weeks of kids camps, I’ve got a rainbow of paint around my face and plenty of almost expired cheese sticks and warm juice boxes in my backback- it’s time to get a workout in, listen to dirty south hip hop and some dubstep and get back on track. This whole workout plan mind you is 3 days post a half marathon so no running quite yet, instead I get on the elliptical that takes more brain power than body to stay on…only shark week will keep me gelled to this machine. BUT, I did however find a useful tool…

I pull my phone out and open the “notes” tab and title it “What I Want” and in the slew of much-needed feel good endorphins this is the list that came to:

Run 4x a week – Bike Outside – Yoga – Whiten my teeth (yuup noted) – At home spa day, drink champagne and catch up on magazines – Find 10ks – Make Coffee at home – listen to music in the shower – move my speakers to the bathroom (train of thought lister) – blog – remind yourself you’re going to be a kick ass teacher – go camping – swim – eat more burgers – SUP – write more lists – dock jump – hang out with my mom – use my camera and edit photos

So clearly it’s not a be all bucket list, or really any big goals but hey, it’s a start to finding something more balanced. I took this sporadic note to self as looking at things in perspective of what can I write down that I can check off realistically right now.

Missing Salpal more than ever as she bungee jumps and lives a truly once in a lifetime experience in Africa. Give a baboon a spank on the butt for me.

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Purple Tranny Pinky Nail

Note before this post: Blogging with a fellow blogger when we both have funny shit to share on the internet, and we both find each other entertaining, is just about near to impossible. Oh, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is on “The Gang Gets Racist”…fuck.

My grandparents have a cabin on the Oregon coast, and every year or so we have a family reunion if you will. The parents start drinking ‘round 11am, we have bonfires, dabble in catch phrase, and take the Christmas photo at the beach.

One particular year we had the whole fam jam plus family friends at the cabin, and with the weather being typical coast weather, unpredictable as shit, we were stuck inside during a rain storm. My grandparents ordered pizza and we played board games, the kinda stuff you do when you’re stuck inside a cabin on a family trip.

Also, to note, I was fourteen on this trip with braces to boot.

The pizzas were picked up from Rudy’s. Rudy is the town’s transvestite; he/she owns her/his own little pizza joint in this itty-bitty town. There were pizzas to satisfy all requests, meat lovers, cheese, veggie, pepperoni, etc. I myself grabbed a slice of veggie, and it honestly wasn’t bad, until “The Moment”.

For everyone who has had braces you know the process of fishing out the second meal. I have never been proper around family, so sticking my finger towards my bracket to retrieve a stuck pepper wasn’t an issue. But what I pulled out was nothing close to a pepper, or mushroom, olive, or anything that you’d find on a veggie pizza.

NOPE, what I pulled out of my mouth was a purple, tranny nail, definitely a pinky faux nail, chipped at the top. I’ve had some bizarre looks thrown my way, but the way my parents, and cousins stared at me as I continued to yell “What is this?!” my grandma tried to rationalize it, grabbing the fake nail to rinse it off and investigate. But no amount of soap and hot water will change the fact that for a brief moment I had a Rudy’s purple nail stuck in my mouth.

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